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Our medical director Dr. Aubrey Copeland, M.D

Dr. Aubrey Copeland, M.D. has an extensive experience directing multiple Med SPA and laser clinics, including Rocky Mountain Laser College. He ensures our med spa treatments meet the highest professional standards by overseeing the treatment protocols, procedures and providing the training and tests to the med-spa practitioners. Dr. Aubrey Copeland is available to consult with any patients who need the advice before or after med-spa treatment or if the need for medical care arises.

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Magic Beams SPA is about YOU looking and feeling your best with the help of our latest innovative non-invasive pain-free technologies. We are helping our clients look younger, feel better, lose weight, get in shape and rejuvenate without down time or side effects.  

We Offer Face Lift, Skin Improvement  Tightening & Rejuvenation, Fat & Cellulite Reduction, Teeth Whitening, Hair & Tattoo Removal, Brazilian Butt Lift & more with the Help Of Lasers, Ultra Sound And RF Non-Invasive Technologies.